the actors symposium

A few weeks ago I watched the 2014 release Whiplash, a film about a talented young man at a prestigious music academy with an obsessive drive to become an outstanding drummer. The film centres around the young man’s relationship with his teacher, a tyrannical raptor-esque man with a penchant for physical, verbal and emotional abuse. Let’s be real, he’s a sociopath.

Over the course of the film we watch the young man be ‘broken down’ in order to be built up to become ‘one of the greats’. At the end of the film (spoiler aler – la la la la la) the student is bleeding, sweating and crying whilst performing an extraordinary drum solo, his mentor looking on with an expression of both pride and glory and the boy realising he has finally succeeded.

This film brought up a pivotal question for me. 1. Do we need to suffer in order…

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