DAY 2: WODONGA – Thursday 24 December, 2015

A very lazy day that actually began with a rain storm, which was lovely to hear from the cozy comfort of my caravan bed. Today was primarily spent preparing for tomorrow – buying last minute Xmas presents and other items in Wodonga. It also marked the beginning of sitting down to some wonderful family meals, with the knowledge that during the next couple of days I was going to eat a lot of food – and I mean A LOT!

Late afternoon I went for a walk around the local area with my nephew, brother-in-law, his sister, and her gorgeous Alsatian whose coat was a like a mane with brown and orange stripes – a cross between a tiger and a wolf, yet despite the impressive appearance had the most wonderful gentle personality. Such a great dog – who would make the others wait for me when I dropped behind taking photos.

This was a truly terrific walk, taking in the Australian countryside, sunset with extraordinary changes in colour, and lots of kangaroos bouncing around. Hope you enjoy the following….

Oh – answers to the two questions posed in the previous post will be given in the next post.





It wasn’t a full-moon that night – but nearly. The full-moon would be for Xmas Day, the first in 38 years. Christmas Eve, however, was a clear and beautiful nighht