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On JANUARY 15 2015 my nephew, Tom Mackay began his epic journey, walking East to West across India. He is doing this in order to raise awareness for mental health, and is being sponsored by BEYOND BLUE and ADIDAS (Aust.), and others. It will take him approximately months, traveling through parts of Southern India very rarely visited by ‘western’ tourists or otherwise – and he is doing alone.

You can follow, subscribe, and support Tom in the epic challenge by logging on to his blog site – http://www.walkingthewalk.com.au

I will occasionally post photos that Tom has already sent, either to family and/or on his blog site. I will only post his pics with no comment. I do, however, encourage you to subscribe to his blog site as his brief travel entries are excellent, funny, observant, and full of Tom’s wonderful and inspirational zest for life and meeting new people.

Please – if you can, subscribe and support Tom – and share this with your friends and family.



1. DAY 1